31 December 2012

Cassie's Thought: The E-Reader Debate

Let's get one thing straight, this was a THURSDAY thing.  But today, its a Monday thing.  
Got a problem with it?  No? I didn't think so!

The Thought:  The E-Reader Debate.  Why the hate?

Maybe I'm seeing it more now that I'm more involved in the book-blog-o-sphere, or MAYBE its that I work part-time at a bookstore where people unleash their opinions on you unexpectedly.  Regardless, the issue is there, and I can't seem to get why.  

Can any of YOU tell me what it is that people have against e-readers?  Listen, I also need a good BOOK every now and then.  But, if I can carry thousands of books on one device rather than break my back trying to lug around a monster like Evolution of Mara Dyer, or The Diviners, I'm gonna download the ebook.  
So, all I wanna know, is who uses an e-reader AND reads physical copies?  Who ONLY uses an e-reader, and who ONLY reads physical copies?  And can you tell me why?  I just would like to hear from all of you regarding this issue!  And taking it one step further...

Have you met those people that actually hold it against those who use e-readers?  Because recently I have.  And I mean really? How can you hate on something that is just a matter of preference?  Plus, e-books are cheaper than buying actual books [for the most part] so its definitely a money saver.  And with the $79 Kindle Paper White and $79 Nook Simple Touch, they're pretty decently priced now-a-day.  Not like when they first came out for like $400.00!  That was crazy!  But yet, they still sold!  So, I'd like to hear as usual, from you guys!  Let me know.. what do you prefer?

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Sound off below!  And Happy Early New Year Guys!!! 

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