18 June 2012

ITS MONDAY: What Are YOU Reading?

Hello, Hello, Hello!  This Monday's meme is hosted by  BookJourney!  Make sure to join in and link yours in the comments below and the linky on her page! 
Sooo.. this past week started out strong, and ended a little...flat.  Due summer classes (graduating in August, yay!) and Father's day, the second half of the week didn't include much reading.  But that's okay!  I get a week off of two classes this week, and that should allot for some more reading, hopefully outside!
Hana (Delirium 1.5) by: Lauren Oliver
Revived by: Cat Patrick

Anna and the French Kiss by: Stephanie Perkins

Some of my faves!
AWESOME BOOK! & check the note below for a cool fun fact!

So yes, its possible I'm over-shooting here.  But that's okay. 
Anna and the French Kiss by: Stephanie Perkins

Forgotten by: Cat Patrick
Hate List by: Jennifer Brown
The Lying Game by: Sara Shepard

Quick note!  My review of Revived was retweeted by Cat Patrick, as well as her creating her own tweet about it!  As a new blogger, that made me soooo unbelievably happy!  She's so awesome, and I sincerely hope you all check out REVIVED ASAP! 

Anyway, leave your TBR's and what you have read in the comments, hopefully we can help eachother decide what to read, and find the next great book!

Stay Reading!



  1. I just got myself a copy of Forgotten!! *-* it looks great.


    1. Just checked yours out & commented! Did u read REVIVED?

  2. Love Anna and the French Kiss! St. Claire is so HOT! :)
    How was Hana? I've read Delirium and Pandemonium (that ending!!), but I haven't read Hana's short story yet.

    1. Hana is nice and short, so definitely give it a read. It changes things... that's all Ill say! GET BACK TO ME WHEN U READ IT! ;)

  3. I love your blog design! I am useless at the technical side so mine just looks standard with no side thingies:)
    Getting retweeted is amazing!
    I've heard great things about Anna and the French Kiss and the Lying Game!
    My monday round up- http://tinyurl.com/bshtfse
    Have a lovely week!

    1. You are SO SWEET! Its hard to keep up with all the amazing book bloggers out there, but Im sure we'll both get there!

      Checking yours out now!

  4. Sounds like some wonderful reads! Enjoy them all and the week!

  5. I've read Anna and Lola and Forgotten. All good. I'm cruising through Insurgent, so good. :)

    1. Oh wow, thats great! And Insurgent is another that I just wanted to scream that the third is a year away. FOR REAL, when u finish, let me hear your thoughts!


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