28 October 2012

Hurricane Sandy and Mara Dyer..

Much like the hurricane coming to my home state, I feel swept away and crazed by the Mara Dyer series.  I can not express in words how amazing and captivating book two was.  If you haven't; get your hands on The Evolution of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin.

Available on: Amazon | Barnes and Noble

Seriously, I rated this a five out of five and will be re-reading it shortly to make sure there's nothing I missed!  Let's just say it is even better than the first! Thank you Michelle Hodkin for being so amazing!

REVIEW to follow in a few hours!

Finally, who else is stuck inside due to this hurricane!?
I'll be tweeting throughout the storm, so let's talk books! :-D

PS- I'm getting the NOOK HD! Anyone getting a new e-reader? I know the Kindle Fire HD is out as well! Let me know what you're getting in the upcoming months!

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