08 August 2012

Cover Lovin! (1)

Hello my loves!  This is going to be the FIRST edition of Cover Lovin!  This will be a weekly Wednesday feature where I show you some covers I'm absolutely in love with, and then I'm gonna ask you to tell me what you think about them!  Then, at the bottom of each Cover Lovin' post, I'm going to put a case where cover love didn't exist but the book was AWESOME!  Want to join in? Feel free! Just link me back and use the weekly image.

If you know me at all, you know what's up first.

Unravel Me: Tahereh Mafi
I mean COME ON.  This is so intricate and beautiful.  
Plus, I have a thing for eyes to begin with!  Just give it to me!

Followed by, more amazingness provided by ..

Last Summer: Rebecca Rogers
This book was awesome.  And the cover is just perfect. The shadows the sunset the font even!  I just love it!  And if you read this book, which you better! You'll see it is a perfect match for the book!

Where I was WRONG...

The Outsiders: S.E. Hinton
Probably (for the record) one of my favorite books EVER.  But this cover, I'm sorry, I get we got some guys on there, but this does not appeal to me at all!  I would have never picked it up had it not been forced on me back in eighth grade!

That is IT for this weeks edition of Cover Lovin!  Stay tuned next Wednesday for some more!  

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