17 July 2012

COVER WAR: Maze Runner; James Dashner

So I stumbled upon the UK cover of The Maze Runner and I was caught off guard.  I love the US cover, but the UK one is striking due to the color combo.  You'll see in a moment.

Before I continue.  I love Cover Wars.  I do NOT know who to credit for the idea, as I've seen it everywhere.  If someone wants the credit, or knows who I should credit, email me and let me know.  I'll attribute the credit where appropriate.

      United States             

United Kingdom

Thoughts please?

I kinda love the UK one! Look at that detail within the letters!  And the gold.  I can't get past the gold.

Sound off below!


  1. I really love the UK cover! The gold works really well :)

  2. I love both. But the UK one is definitely awesome! It's probably better that the US one! :)


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